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Air Plane Ticket Prices

air plane ticket prices

    ticket prices
  • DUE TO THE EFFORTS AND COSTS INVOLVED, ALL SEATS ARE SOLD AT ABOVE FACE VALUE.  Prices quoted include a service charge over the face value.  The service charge varies with each ticket and depends on seat quality, supply and demand, and our cost of acquiring premium tickets.


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Rural Chinese Train Station commuters Waiting

Rural Chinese Train Station commuters Waiting

A rural Chinese train station. There was a time when the whole world knew of nothing more modern. Later, so much more. Today, humanity lives at the crossroads. We live in a world where poor pay for the rich, and transportation has flourished. In some countries there are those who have never travelled by bus, yet are comfortable in cars. Furthermore there are those who surely would never travel a long distance by car; and trains are mere objects in museums. Planes are the only way. Business, economy and first class. Every amenity is well known and advertised. Some pay higher prices for their ticket than others. Those in first Class more often pay less. Or possibly pay more and give less? Is giving and contributing always the same? In the value of days, from birth to death, do those with the longest, hardest, physically demanding, and stressful work weeks, or with no jobs at all get awarded the first class air tickets? Or are they perhaps on the back of those buses, that those in first class air have never flown? While some may pay cash, and others pay credit, there will always be those who play gold, platinum, and other classes of credit card. Different classes of credit cards for different classes of people. Most of our humanities classes will never have first class. Yet, behind today?s gold cards there is a whole third world who will pay the balance for each class of ticket and each mode of traffic they will never themselves know. As planes may fly occasionally overhead, the sound of the train will always be best known. When will humanity progress as fast as the means for the few?

NASS2007 Sunday Adult Day Ticket £17.50 printed on ticket, £25.00 charged by event organisers!

NASS2007 Sunday Adult Day Ticket £17.50 printed on ticket, £25.00 charged by event organisers!

Another photo of NASS2007 ticket clearly showing an entrance fee of ?17.50 when the ticket office was demanding ?25 for entry! I was not the only one complaining at the difference in the published price for the event and the "on day scribbled price in the ticket office window" being charged for entry.

Hopefully the organisers will realise they cannot get away with doing this. Unless this is the last NASS event and this was just a ploy to reduce any debt incurred by holding the event! Who knows!!

air plane ticket prices

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