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Jfk Flight Arrival Schedule : Flight Sim 10

Jfk Flight Arrival Schedule

jfk flight arrival schedule

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jfk flight arrival schedule - Stainless Steel

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Las Vegas Schedule!

Las Vegas Schedule!

I made our schedule for the Las Vegas Trip.

Here it is:

Wednesday, August 15
9:00 Drop Munchie Off (still unsure who his is watching him)
11:45 Leave for Airport
12:45 Get to Airport (sit at airport for awhile while they go threw my camera equipment)
2:45 Plane Leaves Albany
7:45 Arrive in Las Vegas (my ears hurt)
9:00 Get to Hotel (staying at the Stratosphere)
9:30 Stratosphere – Tower
11:00 Back to Room

Thursday, August 16
9:30 AM Leave Hotel
10:00 Mandalay Bay – Shark Reef (see fish)
11:30 Luxor – King Tut (museum)
1:00 Excaliber – 3D Rides (eh)
2:00 Tropicanna – Titanic (yah but not as exciting the second time around)
3:30 Tropicanna - Xtreme Magic (starts at 4)* (tickets in the first row)
5:30 MGM Grand – Lion Habitat (see lions)
7:00 NY NY – Roller Coaster (i'll be the only one going on it)
8:00 Paris – Eiffel Tower (i want to go to the top)
9:30 PM Back to Hotel (sleep)

Friday, August 17
6:30 AM Leave Hotel - Grand Canyon $90 (can't wait to go)
“Take on the Southwest and see for yourself why this World Heritage Site more than lives up to its name. As the tour stops at the famous Mather Point Overlook and Bright Angel Lodge, you behold the canyon's full grandeur. Beyond its geological marvels, the park holds cultural interest: Your driver-guide talks about the Southwest’s colorful history, including the Pioneer-Indian wars, Spanish conquistadors, and early explorers. During the ride, the tour bus passes other notable Southwest sites, including Hoover Dam and the Arizona view point. For lunch, dine on buffet fare in Williams, Arizona.”
9:00 PM Back to Hotel

Saturday, August 18
9:30 Leave Hotel
10:00 Caesar’s Palace – Race for Atlantis (movie i believe)
11:00 Caesar’s Palace – Festival Fountains* (water)
11:30 Bellagio – Conservatory (flowers)
12:30 Bellagio – Fountain * (more water)
1:00 Flamingo – Wildlife Habitat (penguins and flamingos)
2:00 Venetian – Madame Tussauds (photo with Hugh)
3:30 Venetian – Gondola Ride (boats)
4:30 Mirage – Siegfried & Roy Garden & Dolphins (flowers and dolphins)
5:30 Mirage – White Tiger Habitat (tigers)
6:00 Ceasar’s Palace – Atlantis Show* (show?)
7:00 Treasure Island – Pirate Show* (show with pirates)
7:45 Mirage – Volcano* (lava)
8:30 Back to Hotel (sleep)

Sunday, August 19
10:30 AM Leave Hotel
11:00 Hilton – Star Trek (get photo on spaceship)
1:30 Finish Strip from Night Before (White Tiger Habitat, Siegfried & Roy Garden & Dolphins, White Tiger Habitat)
4:30 Back to Hotel (swim)
5:00 Stratosphere – Tower (at sunset)
8:00 Leave to Hotel
8:30 Fremont Street (get on bus)
9:00 Fremont Street – Light Show* (in the sky, kind of)
10:00 PM Back to Hotel (sleep)

Monday, August 20
FREE TIME (Red Rock Maybe?) (not sure yet)
7:00 PM Leave Hotel – Photography Lights (Stacy) (because its no fun watching stacy carry a tripod down the strip)
11:00 PM Back to Hotel (sleep)

Tuesday, August 21
8:30 AM Leave Hotel – Hover Dam $50 (saw it before, it was hot, i got burned)
Completed in 1935, the Hoover Dam took 5 years to build into the Colorado River's Black Canyon region. See why when you walk atop this wondrous structure that stands 726 feet (222 meters) tall. Enjoy sights of Lake Mead, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. To round out your tour, hit the lunch buffet at Sam's Town Hotel & Gambling Hall, take a tour through the Desert Botanical Garden, and indulge your sweet tooth at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. This tour gives you two hours to thoroughly explore the dam; during this time, you can opt for the National Park Service's Discovery Tour to learn more about this National Historic Landmark.
4:30 Back to Hotel
4:30 FREE TIME (swim)
9:00 Leave Hotel
9:30 Monte Carlo – Lance Burton (tickets in second show)
12:00 PM Back to Hotel

Wednesday, August 22
9:30 Leave Hotel (sad)
10:30 Get to Airport (get searched again)
12:30 Plane Leaves Las Vegas
11:50 Plane Arrives in Albany (back to cold weather and college)
1:00 Get Home

960 grams of Schedules

960 grams of Schedules

That's right, the total weight of all of Metro's bus schedules bunched together is a hefty 960 grams (2.1 lb). I'm missing schedules for the 8 and 49. Thank goodness for All they need is easy access to schedules and route maps for mobile devices with tiny screens, and I can say goodbye to paper schedules. I'll still have the urge to pick up a schedule to study while I ride the bus to pass the time.

jfk flight arrival schedule

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