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Air Malta Tickets

air malta tickets

    air malta
  • Air Malta plc is the national airline of Malta, headquartered in Luqa. It operates services to 36 destinations in Europe and North Africa. The airline's hub and base is at Malta International Airport.

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air malta tickets - Spitfires Over

Spitfires Over Malta: The Epic Air Battles of 1942

Spitfires Over Malta: The Epic Air Battles of 1942

This book tells the story of the RAF's gallant stand in 1942 to hold Malta against all odds and to save the island from invasion, which, had it happened could have changed the whole course of the war in the Middle East. Between March and October 1942, some 400 Spitfires reached the beleaguered island, flown mainly from the decks of aircraft carriers that had ventured at great risk into the hostile waters of the Mediterranean. Once established on the three bombed-scarred airfields of Luqa, Takali and Hal Far, the Spitfires flew daily sorties to repel the might of the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica based in Sicily, just 60 miles away. The cost was high. Very few of the Spitfires survived more than a few weeks, sometimes only days. Moreover, almost 100 Spitfire pilots paid the supreme price, young men from Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Rhodesia, together with volunteers from the United States serving with the RAF or RCAF. At times the fighting was intense. In April 1942, Malta suffered a greater tonnage of bombs than the UK did in any one month at the height of the Battle of Britain. More than 1,000 Maltese civilians lost their lives in 1942. But the sacrifice was not in vain. Malta held out and finally the Luftwaffe and Regia Aeronautica conceded the battle was lost with Malta's Spitfire pilots being credited with at least 600 aerial victories during this period. Told in true Brian Cull style, this well-researched, well-written and very detailed book is accompanied by rare photos and contains much new material, especially from the logbooks and diaries of the pilots themselves. Spitfires over Malta is the companion volume to Hurricanes over Malta published in 2003.

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Malta bus interior

Malta bus interior

OK, so the deal with the Malta buses: They're privately owned (each bus, that is) but operated on some contract basis with the state public transport office. So they're all white-orange-and-yellow, and they all use the same ticket system, but beyond that, anything goes. There are a lot of buses on the roads in Malta which are 40-50 years old (as well as plenty which are only 10-20 years old). Some of them sound like they're barely going to make it up the next hill, and others have the latest-and-greatest multi-tone air-horn systems. We had one driver who had a different set of horn tones for every occasion . . . a short midrange burst to say hi to a fellow bus driver, a high-pitched one to warn pedestrians, a big deep tractor-trailer air-horn noise reserved for tiny Fiats who were driving too slow as he rode their rear bumpers.

Air Malta Airbus A319-111 9H-AEJ San Pawl Il-Bahar (18377)

Air Malta Airbus A319-111 9H-AEJ San Pawl Il-Bahar (18377)

Air Malta Airbus A319-111 9H-AEJ San Pawl Il-Bahar is on short final for runway 25L.

MSN 2186 has had its first flight on 18.02.04 with the test registration D-AVWX and was delivered to Air Malta on 06.04.04. It was damaged by a multiple bird strike in MLA in December 2004 where flaps, gear and an engine had to be repaired.

air malta tickets

air malta tickets

The Air Battle for Malta: The Diaries of a Spitfire Pilot

This work provides an account of the struggle for possession of Malta, a fight to the death which lasted two-and-a-half years, during which time 14 000 tons of bombs were dropped on a defiant population. It is based largely on the diaries of Lord David Douglas-Hamilton, the author's uncle, who was sent out to Malta as a Spitfire Squadron Leader at a time when the island was sustaining heavier bombing than London at the height of the Blitz, and the Axis forces were preparing for invasion. The author's scrupulous research, combined with his uncle's authoritative viewpoint, recreates the period, the comradeship and the grimness of life on the beleagured island.

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